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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Someone's been out of the limelight too long...
Patricia de Lille's assertion that "racism" is behind her refused entry into the Raddisson despite there being "plenty of empty tables" seems a touch desperate to me. With her party crumbling around her, and upcoming failure in local elections, De Lille is desperate to get herself back in the public frame. What better way than to begin crusade against foreign hotels that are "turning away locals in favour of foreigners during the high season".

I have been to the Raddisson plenty of times, and almost always have seen plenty of non-white people there. In addition, there are sections that are reserved for hotel guests, and tables that are reserved for customers who have phoned ahead and booked them.

Call me cynical, but this just seems like another one of De Lille's publicity antics, and I doubt that it will help her party to regain any of its former lustre.