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Monday, December 05, 2005

Afrikaners in the New South Africa
A recent survey has found that Afrikaners have shown the "most radical change in political outlook" of all groups since the 1994 elections. This is probably understandable, given that by fair assumption that Afrikaners had the furthest to move politically after the fall of apartheid. In saying that though, I am in no way meaning to diminish the positive nature of that development. Afrikaners could very easily not have embraced the new rainbow nation, and we would be sitting in a far worse position as a country than where we are right now. Mbeki has always made no bones of the fact that he sees Afrikaners as more committed to Africa (and by extension - more "African") than their English counterparts, and expects them to be more committed to change. This survey reinforces this assumption.

I would like to see the full report of political outlooks amongst all the population groups; this would give us far greater scope in evaluating how far we've come. Methinks that Afrikaners will soon overtake the English population in terms of enthusiasm for the New South Africa.