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Monday, August 22, 2005

Carte Blanche
Whilst I used to enjoy the common courage of Carte Blanche's investigative journalism, I have over the past few years found it to have degenerated into a poorly produced and often one-eyed program. The aim of an investigative journalism program is to bring to light insightful views on a particular issue or topic, looking at it from both sides and providing an avenue for the viewer to make their judgements on the credibility of the story. Far too often these days, it is clear that Carte Blanche's producers enter a story with a known outcome, and do little to provide a balanced viewpoint. This is a general observation and not limited to last night's edition.

What does astound me though, is that there can be simple spelling errors in sub-titles during a show, which to me is testament to the slipping production standards of Carte Blanche as a show. In the story last night surrounding the schoolboy beating of black homeless people, "break" was subtitled as "brake" and "lose" was sub-titled as "loose". Call me pedantic, but a show that is based on providing intelligent commentary about South African issues, that is just appalling.