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Monday, August 15, 2005

Mbeki's First Move
Having ridden the recent troubled waters surrounding Zuma, service delivery and, more recently, the adverse welcome at various events for the new Deputy President, Mbeki has made his first major move in the realignment of ANC party lines. The decision to cut funding for the ANC Youth League was a long time coming as the child and parent body staked out increasingly disparate positions on major political issues. As much as Smuts Ngonyama and the ANCYL will deny it, this was a move telegraphing a warning to those that try to butt heads with the ANC leadership.

Mbeki's leadership has always been tough an uncompromising, and he deals with threats conclusively. Whether this hard line will control the temerity of youth will remain to be seen, but expect top see a more aggressive Mbeki coming out of his corner now after a tough six months for the President.