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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Operation Drive Out Filth an "internal matter"
I'm not sure why I keep getting riled up about Nkosazana's stance on Zimbabwe, but I find it hard to brush off. She stated yesterday that Southern African countries viewed ZimbabweÂ?s mass demolition campaign as Â?an internal matterÂ?.

It's important to note that when the UN wanted to place the Zimbabwe raids on the security council agenda last night, it was opposed by China, Russia, Algeria, Benin and Tanzania (Brazil abstained) on the same grounds; that it was "an internal matter". The difference is that we live on the borders of the country, and are ignoring the plight of thousands of people made homeless by these actions, many of whom will undoubtedly be crossing said borders to find work in South Africa, further exacerbating our own fragile employment issues. Their are socio-economic, as well as basic political reasons why Zimbabwe is a poisonous ally for South Africa.

What riles me more as this was the exact message used by the Apartheid regime to dissuade international inspection of their abhorrent practices. It took a concerted effort from leading nations to bring the full force of international pressure to bear on the Apartheid government, yet those very leaders that fought for its abolition cannot see history repeating itself in Zimbabwe.