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Monday, July 18, 2005

More rubbish from Qwelane
Jon Qwelane certainly earns his salary at News24. Always one to find the line, and take a leaping jump over it, Qwelane's latest column practically celebrates the recent London bombings.

In it, he states:
"Let me share some thoughts on the horrible events in London almost two weeks ago which, to my mind, were not really unexpected and are an inevitable consequence of George Bush's 'war on terror' which, I must say, kills and maims innocents indiscriminately in the so-called hunt for 'terrorists' and their allies. Let us not forget that this 'war' is fought most savagely.

British prime minister Tony Blair called the unprecedented London attacks on commuter trains and a passenger bus "barbaric" and other uncomplimentary and unsavoury epithets. That is because his collusion with Bush in the massacre of innocents when scatter bombs and guided missiles rain death and havoc on Iraqi and Afghan towns and villages results in what is casually termed "collateral damage". The boot is now firmly on the other foot and there can be no prevaricating for Blair, Bush and their allies.

It must all be understood in the context of the "war on terror" that civilian massacres, shocking as they no doubt are, must happen to protagonists on both sides of this battle."

Qwelane's last statement that "civilian massacres must happen to both sides" is appalling. The antecedents of Bush's decision to go to war with Iraq were undoubtedly dubious, but I do believe that the Americans do take precautions in targeting decisions, and that the majority of the civilian massacres taking place in Iraq, as we have seen this weekend, are undertaken by insurgents, no the US Army. Perhaps Qwelane should turn on his television and open his other eye, because defending the bombings in London is a deplorable stance.