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Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Terror Attacks
It's still only hours after the well coordinated London blasts, but it does seem fairly clear that this is an Al Qaeda attack. Due to Al Qaeda's cellular structure, any militant that shares Bin Laden's militant philosophy can fall under the umbrella of their 'brand' of terror, and the 'Secret Organisation of Al Qaeda Europe' seems like one of these as yet unknown cells.

As many have said, a terrorist attack in London was almost inevitable, given that it's a large city with mostly walking inhabitants. It is near impossible to stop a street level attack on London's inhabitants simply due to the scale of the access points and the ease of transport. The G8 summit is the clear target (I would think the Olympic announcement is merely coincidental) and London was patently the 'next' target that Al Qaeda wanted to hit as the financial hub of Europe. It is an extension of Al Qaeda's methodologies of carrying terror to the western world in the name of Islamic militanism, and will undoubtedly give further stature to the organisation, as if they needed more.

It will be very interesting to see the response from Labour, especially whether the UK will follow the US in the curtailment of civil liberties. The much maligned ID cards that have been proposed by Labour over the past year will no doubt be pushed through expediently. Immigration will no doubt become a crucial election issue again, as will the open borders policy with the EU.