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Monday, January 10, 2005

Gingrich for President?
For those who do not like the direction George W Bush has taken the US and by proxy, the world, look out - Newt Gingrich may be president in 2008. A consumate politician, and the architect of the "Contract with America" which led the Republicans to power in the Congress in the mid-90's, Gingrich announced that he would possibly seek the Republican nomination for President in 2008. Gingrich made the announcement during the launch of his new book criticising Bush's handling of Iraq and other domestic and international policy failings, after which he took a tour of traditional election campaign states.

A highly respected and astute politician, Gingrich was a very controversial leader during his Senatorial stint, leading spiteful personal attacks on other Senators and leaders, and falling foul of the House Ethics committee on fund raising irregularities. His acutely conservative ideologies would shade even George W Bush, and would push the Republican agenda of 'God, gays and guns' even deeper.

It could well possibly be the easiest way for Newt to gain publicity for his book, but it may also be an early 'sounding out' of the American populus' reaction to a possible campaign. If so, Gingrich will undoubtedly come up against former NY City Mayor, Rudi Guiliani in the battle for the nomination. Watch this space...