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Monday, December 06, 2004

An incoherent Azapo takes a final throw

"No party can rule forever and we think as the Black Consciousness Movement that it would be unfortunate when it comes to that point that parties responsible for apartheid and repression of our people could be given a mandate to rule. That will happen unless the organisations with a struggle background like Azapo and the PAC do something about it."

A rather bizarre statement from Azapo, and it goes a long way to inferring the reasons for the demise of Azapo, the BPC and SOPA. Political mandates do not take turns, and without credible alternative policies for governing, you have no party. Suffice to say that a political party cannot be voted for as an alternative to the ANC if they do not offer alternative policies. There are no rewards for just being in the game. But anyway, who are they referring to under "parties responsible for apartheid and repression"? Are there any left? Do they really think the DA (as they would consider as an "apartheid" party no doubt) will govern? The Freedom Front? The AWB?

Azapo and the found the majority of their development out of the Black Consciousness movement of the anti-Apartheid struggle, but the party never offered a governing alternative to the ANC or IFP, and simply held a policy direction that could not find support with the majority of South Africans. It was always a tall order for them to compete for the majority vote after the fall of apartheid and their showing in the recent elections signals their final demise. Time then for a final throw of the dice, and given the worse than usual cracks in the Tripartite Alliance, the Azapo alliance are making a strategic attempt to court the left-wing of the Tripartite Alliance. They have announced an intention to woo the Landless People's Movement and the Anti-Privatisation Forum for their ballot in the next elections, and such a far-left movement may just attract the eyes of jaded SACP and COSATU support.

But with a statement like this, Azapo reinforces their lack of insight into the South African political landscape, and one may presume that the majority of cognisant COSATU and SACP members will take their chances with an overbearing ANC than a rudderless Azapo.