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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Zuma finally faces questioning
Jacob Zuma will be reminded that the Shaik monkey is still firmly attached to his back when he is forced to answer Parlimentary questions tomorrow, courtesy of Democratic Alliance MP Raenette Taljaard.

Taljaard will be asking two questions:

1) Would Zuma reconsider his answer of March 13 2003 about meetings with arms dealer Alain Thétard. If not, she asks why not. If he answers yes, she wants details about when he met Thétard and what they discussed.

2) Does Zuma, in light of the KPMG forensic report submitted in the Shaik trial, stand by his statement to the parliamentary ethics committee that the payments he received from Shaik were interest-bearing loans.

The answers to those questions could be potentially crippling to Zuma, and I'm pretty sure Zuma's team of lawyers are finding ways for him to hide behind the sub judice rule.