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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Saudi Media misinformation
Many pundits postulate on the reasons why the US is so hated by the Islamic world. Here's a clue. These two op-ed pieces from the Saudi Government Daily show some of the joys of the US' favourite ally: (via MEMRI)

Saudi Gazette Editorial: 'Bush the Nazi'
The Saudi government daily Al-Riyadh recently published an editorial titled "Bush the Nazi," referring to allegations that President George W. Bush's family had ties with the Nazis.

My personal favourite though:

Saudi Gazette: 'U.S. to Invade Pakistan'
In an article in the Saudi English daily The Saudi Gazette, Md. Maqdoom Mohiuddin wrote an op-ed and book review which exposes an alleged U.S. plot to invade Pakistan, and then later possibly Sudan, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Turkey.

"The original plan is to invade Pakistan and occupy the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) and Balochistan. It would seek India's help and allow India to annex Punjab, Sindh, and part of Kashmir under Pakistan rule.

"There have been rumors about a possible invasion of Pakistan but this is the first time this strategy of the U.S. is exposed. This is a very dangerous plan which will have unimaginable severe consequences and will put the survival of the world at stake.

"There is no doubt that the U.S. is the biggest enemy of Islam and the Muslims. It utilized Pakistan to bring down the former USSR, helped Pakistan form the Taliban and help the Taliban to come to power in Afghanistan. But when Afghanistan refused to allow passage of an oil pipeline it declared the Taleban as terrorists and, after 9/ll, attacked Afghanistan.

"After the destruction of Afghanistan, it sought the help of Pakistan through intimidation. Now it is not only trying to destabilize Pakistan but is also bent on dividing it. This is the worst example of friendship extended by the U.S., as Secretary of State Collin Powell recently avowed that Pakistan is the U.S. biggest and trusted ally outside NATO.

"The bomb blast in Pakistan and the sectarian fighting between the Sunnis and the Shiites show that the U.S. has started implementing its program.

And just a parting shot:
"President George W. Bush is also the biggest enemy of Islam. After 9/11, he openly advocated a Crusade and everyone in the world knows what a crusade is a war against the Muslims and total annihilation of the Muslims."

Can anyone say "fact check"?