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Friday, October 15, 2004

Tsvangari acquitted
MDC leader Morgan Tsvangari has escaped the most lethal of Mugabe's bullets, but still has one to go. As was predicted , Tsvangari was acquitted of high treason for the trumped-up 'assassination attempt' on Mugabe. Whilst many were predicting that he would be found guilty under Zanu-PF pressure on the judiciary, the risk of political upheaval was he to be found guilty (and thus given the death penalty) was simply too high for Mugabe. The world seems to be content to watch the political persecution of Tsvangari, but one doubts whether that would hold for political assassination.

Tsvangari, however, moves swiftly along to his next treason trial next month, in which he is accused of encouraging riots to topple Mugabe.