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Friday, March 16, 2007

Zille in the DA race
So Helen Zille has announced the biggest expected move since Adolf invaded France as she enters the DA leadership race. I must say, I agree with Farrel on this one, I'm not so sure it's a great idea. The Cape is a great foothold for the DA that one would see as critical to future growth, and one wonders whether anyone can handle the parallel focus of both national leadership and the mayoral position. Something has to give, and one would imagine it to be the delivery in the Cape.

Zille would undoubtedly make a great leader for the DA. I would much prefer to see a black leader, but Joe Seremane, as the main contender, is simply too easily painted as Tony Leon's stooge. Zille needs to decide: the mayor of the strategic base, or the leader taking the party in a new direction. It's a tough decision, but one thing's for sure - the ANC Western Cape is waiting like a wolf above a pack of sheep.