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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Zuma pushes the boat out
Jacob Zuma yesterday challenged the state to commit as to whether it will prosecute him on corruption charges, and if so, to conveniently give him a date. Zuma said in court papers that he is "entitled to know this".

The antecedents of this move are fairly obvious. 2007 holds Jacob Zuma's shot at the presidency, and he knows full well that the corruption case hanging over him is the one key issue that can derail his bid. With the ANC AGM approaching very rapidly, Zuma needs to force the state's hand. Charge me now, so that I can get a decision either way, or drop the corruption case altogether so that I'm 'clean' when I hit the AGM, is what he's saying.

Unfortunately for Zuma though, the state has little legal obligation to tell Zuma exactly when or if he will be charged. All eyes on March 22, when the argument hits the courts.