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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Do your time Mr Yengeni
I do feel a twinge of satisfaction in the news yesterday that Tony Yengeni's appeal was rejected. Struggle credentials or not, a corrupt leader remains just that, and he's a blight on the ANC's leadership record. Yengeni will now commence his lenient sentence at one of Cape Town's finest establishments, Pollsmoor.

Yengeni's demise also has relevance for current political occurrences though. Yengeni took a plea bargain in March 2003, where he received a lenient sentence in exchange for supplying information on the Arms Deal scandal. It is interesting to note that the only thing to come out of that was the eventual indictment of Jacob Zuma by the Scorpions.

Whilst Zuma has tried to take everyone down with him in his graft trial, there seems to be no-one to take down but himself...