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Monday, July 19, 2004

Bush snubs NAACP
President Bush has become the first sitting president since Warren G. Harding to refuse to speak at the NAACP annual convention, after declining the invitation for the fourth time.

In Bush's defence, Black voters have preferred Democratic presidential candidates by a 9 to 1 margin, but in a tight election, alienating 10% of black voters that could vote Republican is risky business. The NAACP has also been very critical of Bush policies, but none more so than previous presidents, who have all realised the importance of the NAACP vote.

Bush's spokesperson put it down to a scheduling conflict, but Bush's records show that over the time of the speech he was attending a White House tee ball game. Whether this will have any impact will remain largely on how much it is reported, with currently only the left-leaning papers covering the story.