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Monday, October 03, 2005

A Credibility Crisis
The DA is facing a credibility crisis after their court appeal against the floor-crossing of four of their black MP's was dismissed. This leaves only one black person, Joe Seremane, left in their leadership structure.

Tony Leon's aggressive rhetoric has largely alienated the black population from the DA, and no number of publicity walks through Soweto will bring them back into the fold. It's a difficult dilemma for the DA, but one which offers a rather obvious solution. To have any serious opposition political capital, Tony Leon has to step down and the party has to be markedly shaken up. It is simply too easy for the ANC to tag the racism button to any aggression Leon and the now lilly-white DA uses in attacking government. The firebrand Leon's style, so out of sync with South African politics, is seen by the general public as corroboration of governments racist labeling of him as they see television footage and hear radio excerpts of his oratory explosions.

Leon has led the DA into mediocrity, and it is high time he takes cognisance of this fact. At the moment, the DA is moving more and more to the right in the public's perception, and there is little time to save it.