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Thursday, September 29, 2005

I don't have too much to add on the Kebble murder, others have done it better, suffice to say it is difficult to conclude that it was undoubtedly a 'botched hijacking'.

The conspiracy theorists are having a field day, with even Moneyweb getting in on the action questioning links between Kebble's murder and the shooting of Allan Gray honcho Stephen Mildenhall in Cape Town recently:

"Sparking the connection between the incidents in people's minds in the investment industry is that Kebble was recently ousted from a number of company boards, with Allan Gray on the side of parties lobbying for Kebble's removal." [The association between the two shootings was being made because of Allan Gray'?s large investment in Western Areas Gold Mine, a company previously controlled by Kebble.]

Whatever the case, the concern for me once again is that international perceptions of South Africa's violent crime rates are only emboldened by a murder with questionable antecedents such as this. We begin to look like Colombia, and for a country needing all the FDI we can get, that's never a good thing.

A great story to sell more newspapers, but not a great story for business.